Geode Formations | Rose Quartz

Item Number: 011ST285-8-774

Rare rose-colored quartz is formed deep within the earth in a mineral bath rich in titanium, causing the special pink tone. These museum-quality specimens represent positive crystal energy. As each one is completely unique, colors and sizes will vary. Brass stands are included with sizes small and medium only. Choose from four available sizes: small, medium, and large (approximate dimensions given).

Color: as shown (colors vary) | brass

H: 3"-5" • L: 7"-9" • W: 4"-6" (small)
H: 4"-6" • L: 9"-11" • W: 7"-9" (medium)
H: 5"-7" • L: 12"-14" • W: 9"-11" (large)
All sizes approximate.

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