Madura Lucite Boxes

Item Number: 059AO123-SML

From precious jewels to exotic tokens, these boxes are ideal for storing favorite treasures. These designs pair luminous, modern lucite with ancient, hand-carved stones. Created to perch on vanity tables or to accent living room interiors, these boxes bring a touch of modern luxury to the home. Due to each stone's authentic nature, color and box size may vary slightly. Choose from three available sizes: small, medium, or large (dimensions given). Then choose a color: green agate, malachite, or amethyst (shown from top, clockwise).

Color: per selection | clear lucite

Size: H: 1.25" • L: 1.75" • W: 2.5 (small) | H: 1.5" • L: 3.5" • W: 2.5" (medium) | H: 1.5" • L: 4" • W: 3" (large) | approximate

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