Ruiz Agate Boxes | Gold & Smoke

Item Number: 059TBPB-2

These exquisite boxes are perfect for holding your precious objects and jewelry. Their design mixes semi-precious smoke-colored agate, edged in 24K gold, with gold-leafed boxes. The stones' edges glow luxuriously, reflecting off of the glossy surface of the boxes. The inside of each box also gleams in gold leaf. Choose from two sizes: small (shown) or large (dimensions given).

Color: smoke agate (color varies) | gold leaf | black

Size: H: 2" • L: 4" • W: 3" (small) | H: 2.5" • L: 9.5" • W: 4.25" (large)

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Price:  $195 – $295 USD

Trade Price: $165.75 – $250.75