About Us

PLANTATION’s philosophy is simple: create warm, inviting, and unique interiors for our clients to call home. We lay the foundation of a room with timeless furniture pieces, adding color and personal style through layers of rich textiles, exquisite lighting, and distinctive accents.

PLANTATION first opened in 1998, inspired by the exotic designs of Southeast Asia. Over the years, we’ve evolved from Asian motifs and tropical aesthetics to classic-contemporary American design. By combining clean lines and distinct woods, fabrics, and finishes, our designs have gained a reputation for classic, refined style. We’ve grown from a single showroom in Los Angeles to four West Coast locations and an online boutique, making PLANTATION accessible across the country and around the world. Our signature designs have become internationally renowned, catering to clients in the U.K., Singapore, Canada and Australia.

Our approach has always been to make quality custom design and construction accessible to all. Our experienced designers are passionate about bringing a client’s vision to life, working within a variety of styles and budgets. We specialize in the details and pride ourselves in offering a wide range of concepts with custom options. Clients can choose from dimensions, finishes, and hardware, to fabric, cushion firmness, and fill, including eco-friendly, organic, and hypoallergenic. All pieces are handmade by our skilled craftsmen in our PLANTATION-owned, Los Angeles factories. This allows us to maintain the PLANTATION quality our clients have come to expect.

PLANTATION products have been featured in numerous films and television shows and on the pages of leading design magazines including Elle Décor, Luxe Magazine, InStyle, and House Beautiful. We attract clients from all over the world and have been honored by the repeat business of our loyal customers and designer clientele. Our success reflects our commitment to continuously adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients while delivering heirloom-quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

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Mark Cole, Founder

Mark grew up in Seattle, WA where he launched a successful career in hair design. Over ten years, Mark established a loyal client base and quickly became one of the most prominent stylists in Seattle, catering to the city’s elite.

With his passion for design, Mark fell in love with the creative capital of Los Angeles, where he moved to fulfill his dream of opening a home furnishings store and designing his own line of custom furniture. From the day of its inception on December 12, 1998, Mark’s vision was an instant success. PLANTATION hit the ground running.

Today, Mark keeps PLANTATION ahead of the design curve by constantly scouting the latest design trends and inspirations, built to stand the test of time. PLANTATION has created furniture for some of the most influential people in the world, including celebrities like Madonna, James Cameron, and Tyra Banks.

The name “PLANTATION” came from Mark's original concept, a design showroom centered on Southeast Asian style, a popular trend at the time. "I wanted people to walk in and feel like they were on vacation. Dark teak furniture, ceiling fans, plantation shutters... PLANTATION!"

Since opening, the showroom has evolved from its original Southeast Asian aesthetic and moved toward true custom design.

To support PLANTATION’s new direction, Mark opened his own factory in 2001. This helped solidify PLANTATION’s reputation for top-quality custom furniture. After the success of his L.A. showroom, Mark recognized the potential for PLANTATION’s growth. In 2004, he formed partnerships with his dearest friends, recognizing their talents and how they could help expand its reach. This formula has seen PLANTATION grow to four retail showrooms and an online boutique, something Mark is very proud of.

Mark looks forward to PLANTATION’s continued success at creating beautiful and unique spaces for people to call home.

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Marc Waisanen – Partner, San Francisco Showroom

A proud Canadian, Marc was a successful banker living in Seattle when he first met Mark Cole. Over the years, they remained friends and stayed in close contact. In 2003, Mark Cole presented Marc with the opportunity to open the second PLANTATION showroom. He and Brett Rogers jumped at the chance and set the wheels in motion to expand the PLANTATION name.

In 2004, the Venice, CA (now Santa Monica) showroom opened and quickly became a success. With an eagle eye for spatial planning, design, and color, Marc took to the world of interior design like a natural. In 2006, after perfecting his skills in Venice, he and Brett Rogers moved to San Francisco to expand the PLANTATION brand. Marc is now one of the furniture designers for PLANTATION and is the primary buyer and merchandiser for the San Francisco showroom. He strives to create an inspirational environment for long-time clients and new shoppers alike.

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Brett Rogers– Partner, San Francisco Showroom

Brett hails from his native Australia, where he started a career in accounting. He was transferred to Los Angeles in 2000, where he met Marc Waisanen and Mark Cole. He was introduced to PLANTATION and the world of interior design, and realized that this was the field for him.

In 2004, Brett and Marc Waisanen opened the second PLANTATION showroom in Venice, CA (now located in Santa Monica). This opportunity enabled him to learn the nuances of custom furniture, interior design, and running his own business. In 2006, after two years of success in Venice, he and Marc Waisanen moved to San Francisco to open the third PLANTATION showroom. Over the years, Brett has gained a thorough knowledge of furniture construction and interior design, and has developed strong relationships with some of San Francisco’s top interior designers.

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Katie Largent – Partner, Seattle Showroom

Since joining the PLANTATION family in 2006, Katie has garnered more than a decade of experience in the design industry. Working alongside Mark Cole and Clayton Doyle in the Los Angeles flagship showroom, Katie learned the intricacies of interior design, home furnishings, and retail operations. With a strong business background and a degree in psychology, Katie discovered her role at PLANTATION to be the ideal way to combine her business acumen with a passion for design. She mastered the skill of creating personally tailored environments that are a genuine reflection of her clients’ distinct tastes and characteristics. Her sense of style and vision allow people to see the full potential of a room’s space, helping to create balanced interiors with character and sophistication.

In 2016, after 10 invaluable years at the Los Angeles location, Katie returned to her hometown of Seattle, WA, to open the newest PLANTATION showroom.

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Ryan Valley

Ryan joined the PLANTATION team in 2008 when he spearheaded the rebirth and redesign of the company’s online presence. Blending over a decade of sales and interior design experience, Ryan leads with a head for business and a heart for inspiring design. A longtime PLANTATION customer before his professional partnership, Ryan’s dedication to the brand continues as Director of Online Operations. His mission focuses on the importance of delivering superior customer service while keeping a keen eye on ever-changing styles.

“Providing customers with trend-conscious yet timeless options is my passion,” Ryan says. “I’m always searching for unique styles that will continue to make PlantationDesign.com the go-to destination for any and all design needs.”